Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best Article Spinner

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Attention All Article Writers!

Writing articles at revenue sharing websites or using blog services is a great free way to earn some income income on the side.  You write articles about different subjects, ads are placed on your articles and over time you earn money.  But what happens when you want to write about the same subject?  Writing an article over from scratch is a time consuming task besides running out of different ways to reword your content.

There is a software program which lets you take your original content, spin it to create new and original content.  Each time you create a new and original article you then can submit your article to a different revenue sharing website.  Even though it's about the same subject your content becomes original because in reality it is.

It's a learning cure but once mastered you can dish out dozens of articles per day which helps an article writer earn revenue faster.

TheBestSpinner is a software program which you use to spin an article.  You copy and paste your original article, click identify synonyms and you change your words and phrases.  With one simple click you are given many other choice of words and phrases to choose from and the software program replaces your words with new words which fit the sentence.

Here are some of the features TheBestSpinner has to offer.

  • Create new and original content in lightening speed.
  • Offers four different color coding up to four nested levels.
  • A built in word replacement functionality.
  • Full sentence and paragraph spinning.
  • Save your favorite synonym list for terms you use frequently.  You can change all your favorite synonyms with one click.
  • An already built-in synonym list.  No need to create your own.
  • Generate up to 250 spun articles withing minutes.
  • Displays word count and uniqueness percentage.
  • The Thesaurus is update daily from the thousands of users.
  • Offers a seven day trial for $7.00.  A dollar per day.
Why not try TheBestSpinner?  You get to try it out before you purchase the service for the year.  You will be amazed how fast you dish out articles.  The faster you write the more of an opportunity you have to earn.

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